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Dedicated Team

Dedicated team is a model for a long-term collaboration between a client and the development team. Within this format a team of developers is focused on a client’s project with the guarantee that no team member will be switched to another project. This is what the “dedicated” part implies.

Why Dedicated Team?

The dedicated team model is suitable for long-term collaboration, which can expand in the future also as per the requirement.

Early-Stage Startups

If you’re an early-stage startup and you’re expected to grow, think of the idea to hire dedicated team. It’ll let you build a team quickly, save time on the hiring processes and fulfill your requirements faster. While your in-house team is left to work on business-oriented tasks, the augmented team does the additional work.

Projects with Vague Requirements

When you don’t have the resources for your product-market fit and needs them asap, the dedicated team is the way to go. As the dedicated team lays the backbone for the whole development mechanism of your project.

Long-Term Projects

The dedicated team model is suitable for complex long-term projects, which have potential to expand. To unveil your project’s potential, you need a strong team to support you along the way. Within a dedicated team, you can rest assured that the people you start working with will follow through to the end of the project.

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Dedicated Team


To sum up, a dedicated team is the best option for projects with many vague requirements: aspiring startups and evolving tech businesses. For such enterprises, who seek long-term collaboration, the dedicated partnership comes as the best fit in terms of optimal cost and selected professionals on the team. With that in mind, you can decide for yourself whether you need a dedicated team. 

But if you still have doubts about what kind of collaboration model will suit you best, feel free to get in touch with us. We will choose the approach which matches your requirements.

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